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Fur is the outerwear. A primitive attire, whose mission — to keep a body in heat. Fur was always tried to be brought closer to a body. Not only for heat, first of all — for appearance.
It is more than warmly. More important than outerwear. Fur is a beautiful frame. He frames beauty the same as a frame — gemstone. Sometimes the frame has to be magnificent, solemn, multiefficient. Then choose heavy, brilliant fur of an ermine or a sable. Another time the frame has to emphasize only beauty, support her.
Fur defines — what there will be a woman. Fur plays the woman. Fur for example, is capable to present a female image most fully, but not jewelry. Fur decorates each woman on the depending on character of the woman. It will be necessary to pick up what fur it, - a magnificent sable or a classical mink, and the soft and gentle chinchilla or a fluffy polar fox can. All this needs to be picked up under your character and style.
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We embody your dreams in fur products.

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Our design is based on new models and what is in demand in the market. Each model of the product is tailored individually according to the size of your figure, so it will always look beautiful.

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