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Our company TAFANEEN CLOAKS LLC has been selling branded products for many years through retail stores. By opening an online store selling these products, we reduce prices by reducing maintenance costs. Also, our customers working with us for a long time have the opportunity to give us the realization of the branded product "USED", while the prices are much lower than the new product. We check each product for full working condition and good appearance. During the sale with each such product there is an appraisal report with a full description of the condition of this particular product.

You can take advantage of seasonal discounts and discounts on USED product from 10% on new and up to 50% on USED goods.
Selling your branded products? Do you want a better price?
Please contact us for advice and evaluation.
ان ثقة بالنفس هي اساس فه جميعُ نجاحاتٍ ومنجزاتٍ كبيرة
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